The man cut a large log but saw a strange sign inside.

Woodcutters have a very difficult profession, every day, all day, they cut huge amounts of wood, together with the team, but sometimes this activity can have strange surprises.

During a tree-felling operation, several woodcutters were amazed by what they found in a trunk while cutting it with a chainsaw. It looked like something metal, and when they finally extracted the object from there they were fascinated! The saw got stuck, and the chain broke, what did they come across?

They found a small piece of bent metal, but there was another in that trunk, at a greater depth. After the mysterious objects were removed, they examined them very carefully until they realized that they were… A bullet! How did a bullet get so deep in that trunk? Nobody knows.

However, here is an interesting fact: it seems that trees do not heal, they simply keep in them the object that caused the damage, continuing to grow and develop around them.

One of the team members found the answer: in the past, bored loggers fired rifles into trees. After counting the rings, they discovered that the tree was 30 years old. After they continued to cut the trunk and discovered other such bullets, people became very bored with the rest of the forest that day…

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