Objects of Mystery: 14 Unusual Items That Piqued People’s Curiosity concerning Their Purposes

Some objects we come across are not easy to figure out. These 14 items left people confused and wondering what they could be used for. Fortunately, there were a few internet detectives that came to the rescue.

Have you ever come across a random object, whether it was on a drive home from work while digging through your drawers or something that caught your eye in a shop, but you could never figure out what it was?

There are many objects we encounter that leave us scratching our heads, wondering what they are used for. For those things whose use is not obvious at first glance, there is a big internet community that can help you discover something new. Here is a list of 14 random objects that have sparked people’s curiosity.

14. Small blue plastic object

A Reddit user found this random blue plastic object with holes at the end in the house, and no one could figure it out. It turned out it had an even more peculiar function.

Answer: “I have this exact thing. It’s the antennae from this snail thing; it completely disassembles and is so annoying we threw it away”

13. A Red and Clear Rubber Toy

A Reddit user found this red and clear rubber toy in the playground and wondered what its purpose was. Although the toy looked interesting, it was just missing its counterparts.

Answer: “It’s from Lego Duplo playground set.”

12. A Melted Plastic Cup

This Reddit user thought they had found a weird object in their home only to find out that this peculiarly shaped plastic object lost its original form along the way.

Answer: “An uninflated bottle.” Another user added, “It’s WAS a drinking cup or insert that got melted in a dishwasher.”

11. A Three-centimeter Translucent Plastic Object with a Flat Bottom

We mostly come across these random objects when we are cleaning out our drawers, and this was the case for this Reddit user. This pink object that looks like a rubber bottle turned out to be an interesting source of entertainment.

Answer: “I think it’s a toy hamster water bottle. I remember having something like this when I was young with my Littlest Pet Shop set. The current orientation is upside down.”

10. White Platic Kitchen Utensil

One might imagine that most kitchen tools are straightforward but this one looked “unusual.” It turned out to be something that might be easily ignored but be very useful.

Answer: “Looks like it would be used to stir the contents in a blender. It inserts in the top to stir it”

9. Yellow Heavy Machinery

Sometimes, we drive across objects that make no sense to us. The explanation for this one was unexpectedly simple.

Answer: “Looks like a giant snowblower.”

8. Strange Things Floating in Water

This Reddit user was shocked to find this formed in their nightstand water, but an online user clarified the process behind this.

Answer: “Looks like congealed polymer used in water treatment processes

Edit: I am a wastewater operator by trade. Polymers (long carbon chain molecules with varying “charges”) are added to conglomerate particles and aid in settling.

Usually they are of a clear ubiquitous consistency, but I have seen this form when the polymer is spilled and hit with water to clean up or when blocked up in piping and continuously hammered against by a positive displacement pump.”

7. An Interestingly Shaped Wooden Spoon

A Reddit user crossed paths with an interestingly shaped wooden spoon and shared it with the internet to discover what it was. According to internet detectives, it is a traditional object with a fascinating function.

One Reddit user explained, “I think it’s called an Ozhau. Tradition ladle from Kazakhstan.” whale another added, I think you are right. If it is, then it’s for ladling cooked goats testicles out of a big pot. There was a scene in Long Way Round where Ewan McGregor eats one.”

6. Mystical Looking Wands

As this Reddit user dug through a box in their mother’s attic, they found these two objects that looked like something out of a fantasy film. Surprisingly, they are just as mystical as they look.

Answer: “The kīla is used as a ritual implement to signify stability on a prayer ground during ceremonies, and only those initiated in its use, or otherwise empowered, may wield it. The energy of the kīla is fierce, wrathful, piercing, affixing, transfixing.”

5. A Royal Blue Sculpture

The thrift store is one of the places to discover many random but peculiar objects that catch our eyes. This royal blue sculpture was actually a highly valued find for the Reddit user.

Answer: “That is a whale oil lamp . Hand blown glass . Very odd blue color . Not cheap !”

4. Two Hanging Marbles

A Reddit user found these two hanging marbles in their 100-year-old house and could not figure out what they were. As an object from many decades ago, it might be a more difficult guess.

Answer: “It’s a razor blade sharpener.”

3. Unique Kitchen Tool

This interesting teal object became the center of a dinner table discussion, and the Reddit user extended the conversation to other Reddit users. It turned out to be another commonly used kitchen tool with a twist to it.

Answer: “”A lemon juicer.”

2. Oddly shaped metallic object

This oddly shaped metallic object with what looks like a handle and balls at the end could be something most have come across, but this Reddit user knew they had guessed it wrong and turned to the internet for answers.

The answer: “It is a body massager.”

1. A Clay Sculpture

A Reddit user shared a picture of an oddly shaped clay sculpture and could not figure out its use. It turned out that the bumps and holes in the middle were all part of its function.

The answer: “ Yep, it’s an oil lamp. The big hole on the top is where the oil goes, and the small hole at the end holds the wick.”

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