Accepting Unexpected Duties: Zara and Ethan’s Experience

Ethan entered my life three years ago and quickly became the solid centre of my universe. His early father death created a difficult upbringing, but it also strengthened his relationships with his mother Maureen and sister Mandy.
One of the many reasons I fell in love with him was that “Ethan’s love and dedication to his family, especially towards Mandy’s daughter Lisa, spoke volumes about his character.” He was incredibly patient and compassionate.
Mandy tragically died a year before our wedding, which rocked our family to its foundation. Ethan was grieving and was having a hard time coping, so he was depending on me. Though treatment was an option, his commitment to taking care of Lisa came first.

When we got back from our honeymoon, we discovered something that would change our lives forever. Ethan’s burden was made clear by overheard whispers: Lisa’s uncertain future and Maureen’s deteriorating health.
Despite our initial reluctance because of our priorities in terms of travel and profession, Ethan’s close family ties forced us to accept unexpected duties as Lisa’s parents. After a court battle, Lisa was formally welcomed into our family.
Lisa never felt alone as our extra bedroom became a sanctuary filled with mementos of Mandy and Maureen. We concentrated on raising our new family while Maureen moved into a care facility.
I take great pride in being Lisa’s mother today. Together with Ethan and our animal friends, we are grateful for the unforeseen gifts that have improved our quality of life.

We’d love to hear about any events you’ve had that have changed your life. Together, let’s draw strength from our common experiences with love and family.

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