Mom warns teens getting baked from nutmeg

Warning on Nutmeg Misuse

In Georgia, a concerned mother recently took to TikTok to alert parents about a troubling trend: teenagers experimenting with nutmeg for a mind-altering experience.

Viral Alert: The Nutmeg Sniffing Trend

On March 11, a TikTok user known as Lakeview Living shared a video that quickly gained traction. In it, she discusses the emergence of “sniffing” among teens, garnering attention from nearly 600,000 viewers.

School Discovery and Reaction

During routine checks, teachers stumbled upon students carrying nutmeg bottles, claiming it was for culinary purposes. However, upon investigation, it became evident that the spice was being misused for intoxication.

Health Risks of Nutmeg Intoxication

Consuming large amounts of nutmeg can induce a high akin to hallucinogenic drugs, leading to symptoms like drowsiness and hallucinations. Moreover, nutmeg poisoning can prove fatal.

Parental Concern and Past Instances

Concerned parents, reminiscing about past incidents, voiced worries about the dangers of nutmeg misuse. Some recalled PSAs from their own school days, highlighting the toxicity of nutmeg if used excessively.

Historical and Medicinal Context

Nutmeg’s use as a drug predates modern times, with historical references citing its medicinal properties. While it was once utilized for various ailments, its misuse for recreational purposes poses serious health risks.

Current Uses and Concerns

Despite its historical medicinal uses, the contemporary misuse of nutmeg among teenagers raises alarms. Its availability and perceived effects have made it a concerning trend among adolescents.

Reflection on Society and Teenage Trends

The mother, astounded by the newfound use of nutmeg among teens, reflects on the changing landscape of teenage experimentation, lamenting the erosion of traditional boundaries.

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